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Exhibition Wall Text: My work delves into the interplay between the natural and the manufactured, the organic and the inorganic, revealing an exploration of tensions. I am fascinated by the tensions between fragility and weight, transparency and opacity, and the juxtaposition of ancient and modern elements.


Within this cluster, I have merged ancient granite, symbolising the profound passage of geological time, with plastic, representing the imprint of human existence. Through this amalgamation, I seek to evoke contemplation on the coexistence of these materials.


While the holographic acrylic suggests fragility and evanescence, it is essential to recognise that the actual lifespan of the materials, representing plastics and inorganic substances, parallels that of solid rock. This material choice prompts us to acknowledge and accept the consequences of our reliance on plastic as a lasting presence in our world.


The semi-translucent and reflective surfaces of the acrylic disrupt, mirror, and metamorphose the surrounding environment and objects. It serves as a poignant reminder of the human impact as an interruption, compelling us to confront the ecological upheaval caused by our influence on the natural living world.


Through this body of work, I invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the tension embodied within and to reflect upon our relationship with the materials we have brought into existence. It encourages contemplation on the coexistence of the human and non-human in our altered states, urging us to consider how we navigate and coexist with the products of our creation in a rapidly changing world.

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